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¿DE QUE VA ESTA WEB? What is this about?

Barcelona. 8 May 2006.-- A new Web resource dedicated to inform about BPD (Borderline Personality Disorders) to Spanish-speaking audiences has been presented in Barcelona.


This effort has been developed by the ACAI-TLP Foundation –a Barcelona-based association dedicated to support BPD patients- and supported by the department of Psiquiatry of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital –pioneers in BPD treatment in Spain-, the Catalan Hospitals’ Union and the Generalitat de Catalunya -the Catalan National Government.


The new Web resource, located at, was unveiled May 4th, 2006, in Barcelona, at the headoffice of ACAI-TLP.


“Spanish-speaking people is lacking, in too many cases, of basic information about BPD because the very scarce resources about BPD in the Internet are in English only”, said Marina Foret, President of ACAI-TLP. “This new Web resource was developed in response to the need we heard from the Spanish-speaking community and the medical professionals themselves, for single point of access for authoritative BPD education materials for lay audiences. Through this Web portal, people will be able to be informed about BPD latest developments and to get in touch with others with a BPD problem to share their experiences and thoughts.”


“Until now, medical professionals may have had to go to several different sources to find appropiate information and materials for their patients”, said Marc Ferrer Vinardell (doctor of TLP assistance in Vall d'Hebrón's Hospital, in Barcelona). “Some of these resources have been available on Web sites, including our own. Others are on sites that are difficult to find or not easily searchable. This new site provides a single point of access to all the information, and will permit a medical professional to provide his patient with a range of materials to better understand the BPD he is suffering.”


All materials catalogued on the site have been screened by expert reviewers for medical accuracy, linguistic appropiateness and cultural relevance.


The site has been conceived by the team of ACAI-TLP led by Enric Massó, an independent business consultant specialized in Internet projects. “As continues to grow inviting other organizations that meet the criteria to contribute materials, the site will become increasingly robust and powerful.” said Enric.


Organizations related to BPD are welcome to contact ACAI-TLP to participate in the project.




Fundació ACAI-TLP is an association for BDP patients based in Barcelona established in 2002 serving Catalonia, a North-East Spanish region of 7 million inhabitants . ACAI-TLP has been since actively disseminating information about BDP and supporting friends and relatives of BDP patients. ACAI-TLP carries out a variety of support activities, including conferences and seminars, and offers a wide range of services such as legal counseling and assistance for job placement.


Enric Massó is an independent business consultant specialized in business development in the areas of Management, Strategic Marketing and Internet Technologies. Enric offers external support to clients to conceive new solutions for their companies and help coordinate their development and implementation.



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Fundació ACAI-TLP

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